Walk into any woodshop and you will invariably find a pile of assorted boards, looking a bit lonely and stacked somewhere out of the way. These are the leftovers from previous jobs. They’re either not enough to use for another project or too much - and too good - to throw in the dumpster. So, they sit. Over time, a few pieces leave but more come in and the pile becomes a perpetual problem. The idea for Creative Edge came into being because of a need to solve the problem.


Creative Edge is a collaboration between my woodworker husband and myself, a jeweler. My jewelry studio has always been next to or near his woodshop but we had never worked together before. Tossing around a couple of ideas brought up the thought of cutting boards (even though there are countless numbers of them everywhere). After doing a bit of research, I noticed that there are distinct trends in most of the patterned and decorative boards out there, mostly stripes and straight-line geometrics.  I’ve always been a fan of polka dots, so the idea of a polka dot board immediately popped into my head. Then I thought about a series utilizing circles and curves, sculpted edges instead of straight sides, and the ideas just kept coming. For the past few years, I had been working with artisans in developing countries on product development and we used repurposed materials whenever possible. That job had just come to an end, so this was a natural transition.

Creative Edge makes beautiful, functional kitchen and tabletop items with an emphasis on design and detail. Each piece is handcrafted from sustainably grown and harvested hardwoods, assembled in a solar powered shop. We do not use dyes or stains, so it doesn’t interfere with the natural colors and grain of the wood. When you’re finished using your board to cut your favorite cheese, flip it over and use it as a serving tray. Everyday things, like a cutting board, should be a pleasure to look at and a joy to use. We hope that our unique pieces will bring that same feeling to you. 

It's All in

The Process

Piecing Together
Board Pieces
Edge finishing
Gluing up
Gluing up
Solar panels that power our shop


Select the rough wood and prep for gluing into large blanks.


The shapes are precision cut from a single wood; or for patterns, different woods then glued together.


Pieces are cut to size, the surfaces planed, and edges detailed. Any holes needed for hardware are drilled.


Surfaces and edges are sanded to a satiny smooth finish using progressively finer grits of paper.


The boards and trays undergo a multi-step process using food grade mineral oil and natural beeswax to help seal and protect the wood.

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The Materials

We use these sustainably sourced woods:



-White Oak




Any of our boards and trays can be made from these woods. Customize your own board or tray with your unique wood and sizing preferences. Send us a message for more details! 

Caring for Your Board

Follow U.S. FDA Safe Food Handling Guidelines when preparing foods. Use one cutting board for fresh produce and a separate board for raw meat, poultry and seafood.

After each use, wash both sides of the board to prevent uneven water absorption, which can lead to warping. Allow the board to air dry in a vertical position. NEVER place your board in a dishwasher or completely submerge in water.

Your handcrafted board is finished with food-grade mineral oil and natural beeswax. With use and over time, the coating will begin to dry out and your board will need to be re-seasoned. You can use any cutting board or butcher block oil available where kitchen supplies are sold. With proper care and maintenance you can expect your beautiful new cutting board to last for many years.

Please contact us for any questions. Enjoy!